Join us for the Balanced Woman Journey to get what you want and need for yourself, your family, and your career!  

Different people learn better in different ways and we sincerely want you to reach your career, family, & personal goals in the way that's best for you. So we have two plans that allow you to select the approach that you like the most for your three month journey.

In-person Learning Package (Sold Out!)

Virtual Learning Package (Five Seats Remaining)

  • One Day Balanced Woman Live Intensive Nov 10th
  • Six Get What I Want Group Coaching Calls 
  • Get My Balance Private Facebook Mentoring Group 

  • Six Session Balanced Woman Webinar Program Tuesdays 11am-noon CT
  • Six Get What I Want Group Coaching Calls  
  • Get My Balance Private Facebook Mentoring Group 

The Balanced Woman Program Will Help You:

  • Determine your goals for work and home on both an operational (daily/weekly) and strategic (annual/long-term) basis
  • Evaluate priorities and flexibility to meld those plans into a single Integrated Life Plan
  • Identify key contributors who can help you achieve your goals and how you will engage their support
  • Practice conversations and adjust your plan as needed
  • Enhance your confidence to continue rising in your career while balancing family and self needs
  • Engage with and be supported by other women with similar needs

Maintain Your Momentum

Have you ever gone to a class that made you feel good that day, but then you didn't have any support afterwards to help you implement what you learned?!?! Not with us! We believe strongly in the power of ongoing development to maintain your momentum in getting what you want for your life and career. 

As part of the Balanced Woman Program, you'll be invited to our private Get My Balance Facebook Mentoring group and six Get What I Want Group Coaching Calls that to help you share successes, manage challenges, and maintain your momentum as you implement what you learned.  

Once you've created your Integrated Life Plan, you will want help in achieiving it! We are here for you on the group coaching calls and constantly on the FaceBook mentoring page to make sure you have the support you need to get what you want for your career, family, and self!!! 

About The Trainer/Coach

Suz O’Donnell is the author of the Career-Family Formula™ and owner of Thrivatize LLC, which is focused on increasing diversity at the top through leadership development and organizational change services. As a career go-getter and caring mom, she is passionate about supporting powerful women planning families, and women who already have families, maintain their desired career trajectory. 

Prior to Thrivatize, Suz spent 17 years in management consulting at EY, Accenture, Capgemini, and Gallup. Suz has worked with clients at Google, Eli Lilly, Walmart, Cisco, Grant Thornton, Motorola, Time Warner, Telefonica, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Kimberly-Clark, Vail Resorts, Genentech-Roche, University of Chicago Medicine, Digitas, NiSource, and many more. 

In her management consulting career, she continuously helped individuals, teams, and entire corporations reach their goals. Throughout that time she earned certifications in executive coaching, personal branding, career and talent management, and workshop facilitation. 

She is also the proud mother of a hilarious boy, creative girl, and friendly dog. Suz is married to a wonderful man who helps her balance all the amazing things life and work offer. She loves international travel, improv comedy, volunteering, and Zumba. 

Suz is excited and extremely qualified to help you knock your business and personal goals out of the ball park! 

What People Are Saying

“Suz has a special energy that simultaneously helps you feel calm and motivates you to act.” – Senior Director, Fortune 500 Tech Company 

"Investing in Thrivatize’s services more than paid for itself in this one career bump. Plus I will continue to benefit from this career move and higher base pay exponentially for years to come - both financially and in work - life balance and happiness." – Vice President, Sport Entertainment Giant

"I thought I was completely prepared for the conversations to engage my support network, but when I went to practice them with Suz, I learned so much more. Not only was it incredibly different talking to a real person, but she had great tips on tone of voice, posture, and memory techniques that made the real conversations go very well." – Vice President Advertising Agency

"I like the way she balances challenging me with supportive motivation." – Vice President, Marketing Agency 

Choose The Balanced Woman Journey That Best Suits Your Needs

In-person Learning Package (SOLD OUT)

Virtual Learning Package (FIVE SEATS LEFT)

  • One Day Balanced Woman Live Intensive November 10, 2016 ($1,000 value)
  • Six Get What I Want Group Coaching Calls ($1,000 value)
  • Bonus: Get My Balance Mentoring Group ($500 value)

Total Value: $2,500 

Today's Tuition: SOLD OUT!

Spread out your invesment over six monthly installments of $197 each or save $185 when you pay in full! 

  • Six Session Balanced Woman Webinar Program Tuesdays 11am-noon CT ($1,000 value) 
  • Six Get What I Want Group Coaching Calls ($1,000 value)
  • Bonus: Get My Balance Mentoring Group ($500 value)

Total Value: $2,500

 Today's Tuition: $997

Spread out your invesment over six monthly installments of $197 each or save $185 when you pay in full! 

How Do I Know Which Package To Select (If Any)? 

Who shouldn't participate in this program at all? There are two types of people who shouldn't participate in this program, and for completely opposite reasons: 

1) If you don't have any aspirations to move forward in your career or business, OR are the type of person who cares only about career and not about spending any time with your family, please do not join this program. As a matter of a fact, if during your intro call we we find you aren't motivated to get what you want or don't care about your family, we will remove you from the program as we don't want your complacency to affect the experience of others in the program. 

2) If you feel like you already have it all: the perfect position, top pay, an inspirational, appreciative environment at work, the perfect relationship with your significant other, all the joy and laughter you desire with your kids, perfect physical and mental well-being for yourself, and an extremely detailed and achievable plan on how you will continue that level of success in the coming years, then congratulations - you are already there! 

Who should invest in the Virtual Package? If you want to make a positive change in your life, but fear you can't get away from work or family commitments for more than an hour or two at a time, then the Virtual Package is for you. We'll meet for a webinar, then a group coaching call, then a webinar, then a group coaching call, and so on. All the while, you'll be sharing your successes and challenges on our Facebook mentoring group to get great feedback from me and other women in the program. You'll create your integrated life plan, learn a new approach for engaging others in helping you, and get what you want for work, family, and life! 

Who should participate in the Live Package? If you want to achieve more for yourself, your family, and your career, and know that you'll never get your plan created, much less implement it, if you try to do it at work or home, this is definitely the program for you! During this event, you'll develop your entire Integrated Life Plan, identify the key people who can help you get what you want, role-play conversations to engage them in supporting you, learn how to prevent pitfalls, meet and network other women with similar goals, receive leadership coaching, and have fun doing it! Think of it as a one-day getaway that makes you more successful at work and home. Plus, when you start implementing your plan, you'll have three months of coaching calls to provide you support and guidance, as well as, eternal access to the Facebook mentoring group to share success, ask questions, and get the support you need to get what you want! 

What if I want to do 1:1 leadership coaching? If you want to get results extremely quickly, then email to set up a time for you to discuss private coaching options with me. All my workshop participants get great results and those that work with me one-on-one get results incredibly quickly and attain more than they ever knew was possible! You must be highly motivated to get what you want for career, family, and self to qualify to work with me privately. I don't work with people who are unmotivated or don't take ownership for achieving what they want. If you are a successful woman, who wants to achieve your goals quickly and knows you've got to put some work into getting it, then let's rolling! I will work with you to develop the ultimate in customized plans, maximize your support system results, and optimize your efficiency so you can get what you want in less time. 

When Asked to Describe Suz's Teaching Style In One Word, Participants Say:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is the next Balanced Woman Live Event?

The next live event takes place Thursday, November 10th in Chicago. You'll get away from the office for a day truly focus on your goals, your priorities and how you’ll get what you want! This is also a great opportunity to meet other women who are in the same boat as you and share ideas over lunch, cocktails, or playdates down the road. 

What's the schedule for the virtual program? 

For the virtual program, we will meet Tuesdays from 11am-noon CT (with breaks for holidays). We will rotate weekly between webinar and group coaching sessions so you maintain your momentum on a consistent basis. If you miss a training session or a group coaching call, recordings will be available to ensure you continue to progress at a steady pace.

How do I schedule private coaching? 

Initially, you'll work with Suz's assistant (email to plan your first call and then you and Suz can pick mutually agreed times thereafter. She aslo has a tool that enables you to look at her calendar and pick or move times as needed. 

What if I can’t invest the tuition all at once? 

When you click to register, you'll be presented with options to invest all at once or to finance it over six months. You can also consider asking your company to reimburse you for some or all of the event. Investing in your work-life balance helps make you a more efficient, productive employee. Email us at to get our easy-to-use manager template for requesting that your company reimburse you for some or all of your tuition. 

Can I bring a friend/colleague?

Yes! We highly encourage friends and colleagues to attend this event together. If four of your friends/colleagues decide to go together, one of the tuitions is free. At checkout, enter the promo code Girlfriends4for3 or email to get help with processing this on four separate cards. 

Can I organize a private Balanced Woman Program for my employees or clients?

Yes. Please contact us at to discuss a customized proposal. 

How can I contact the Thrivatize team with additional questions?

You can email us at 

Get Your Optimize Support At Home Worksheet

The button below will take you to a copy of this worksheet on DropBox for your immediate download and use. This document is just a taste of all the amazing worksheets you'll receive as part of the Balanced Woman Program. Put this worksheet to use today! Then click above to join the Balanced Woman Journey to get what you want for your life, your family, and your career! 


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